Re-Imagine Education

COVID-19 showed us that it is time to Re-Imagine what true Education looks like for today's scholars. It is time to shift the narrative surrounding what we should keep or toss out and reconsider how we equip educators to prepare scholars for their desired life path. At IPI, we follow a series of computational thinking methods that allow up to be the best at professional development and interpersonal growth. Schedule a consultation to determine how our workshops can take you and/or your organization to the next level. 

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Sheneka Brightwell is the Owner and CEO of Innovative Perspectives, Inc., a small business that offers tutoring services for K-8th grade scholars, career path coaching for 9-12th grade scholars, apprenticeship opportunities for youth ages 16-24, and other services for businesses and schools. During these endeavors, Sheneka aspires to instill in people the notion that is it possible to become more than what others deem you to be; the key is to rise above the noise, take pursuit of your passion and never look back.

Sheneka is a certified Academic Coach, Tutor Trainer and Contract Manager. Before joining K-12 Computer Science initiatives around Eastern NC, Sheneka managed various education, workforce development, legislation and small business development projects. She has a genuine love for innovation and creating avenues where development gaps exist.

She looks forward to talking with you soon!

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